Welcome to Carpe Diem Tours!

Offering you a different view of Boka Bay

Boat Tours

Enjoying the beauty of Montenegro from the sea is experience like no other. Therefore, we are proud to offer you various boat tours. We have three boats – with 8, 12 and 22 seats. Spend a beautiful day in the Bay while we are being your host for the amazing journey. Visit Perast, swim in the Blue Cave and enjoy beautiful Montenegrin scenery.

Kayak Rentals

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, kayaking is fun for everyone. If you would like to explore Boka by your own you can always rent a kayak for you, your friends, and family and enjoy some fun and unforgettable time in the Bay. We offer hourly or daily rentals. Our kayaks are 2+1, made by RTM and are in the service of your safety.


Safety is a priority for Carpe Diem. All of our boats and kayaks are in perfect condition and are insured at Lovcen Insurance (kayaks) and Delta Generali (boats) providing a complete coverage. We are constantly upgrading our equipment up to the latest standards for you to have the most comfortable experience.